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Interflex ESO (Epoxidized Soybean Oil)

Interstate Chemical Company, Inc. manufactures a high quality ESO to provide several primary functions in most PVC and plastics for general formulations, applications and processes.

Key benefits of Interflex ESO include:

Interflex ESO acts synergistically with mixed metal liquid stabilizers in vinyl formulations as opposed to using either one alone. In many cases, it compliments the processing of “rework” or off-specification materials while it offers a potential stability factor which directly relates to the user cost base.

In clear plasticized compounds, it has also been proven that ESO can enhance the outdoor stability to cracking/crazing and overall color fade when used in conjunction with UV stabilizers, absorbers and antioxidants.

The product is resistant to gelation upon exposure to high temperatures. In extremely thin blown film, it prevents material buildup in extrusion dies. 

ESO can be used primarily as a plasticizer in semi-rigid and rigid vinyl formulations when used as a process aid or for heat/light stability. 

Interstate Chemicals private fleet of trucks (Alpont Transportation) is used to transport our Epoxidized Oil. Soybean plants are the source of our Epoxidized Oil products.