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About Interstate Chemical Company Inc.

Interstate Chemical Company, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Albert R. Puntureri. Since its inception and modest beginning in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Interstate has grown into a large, privately held chemical distribution and manufacturing company. With corporate headquarters in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, the company has expanded to include facilities in the northeastern, mid-western, and western United States.

While we’re known for our patented premium heat transfer fluid, INTERCOOL®, we offer a full commodity chemical product line as well as manufactured products and specialty blending capabilities. Some of these products include resins, plasticizers, catalysts, high silicon electrical steel additives, and wide selection of heat transfer fluids matched to your specific needs.

Interstate Chemical takes pride in its employees and management personnel who are committed to providing service with the highest level of dedication and excellence. The company’s growth and expansion are directly tied to this workforce of outstanding personnel. They are Interstate Chemical Company!

Additionally, Interstate Chemical Company also owns and operates a private fleet of trucks. Alpont Transportation LLC is operated as a common carrier and hauls primarily for Interstate Chemical Company, providing dependable and convenient service.

Our products, staff, services, and strategically located facilities provide reputable sales coverage from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains. Collectively, this sets us apart from the rest of the industry, enabling us to offer “Remarkable Capabilities”.

Intercool Glycol Fluids is a proprietary heat transfer fluid provided by Interstate Chemical Company
Alpont Transportation a Division of Interstate Chemical Company, owns and operates a private fleet of trucks such as the one shown here.
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