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White Room

White Room     A Unique Packaging System In A Controlled, Sanitary Environment

In today's health conscious society, with stringent USP and FDA guidelines, attention focuses on proper, approved packaging techniques.  Interstate Chemical Company is dedicated to providing that function in a controlled environment under maximum sanitary conditions.  We call it The White Room, essentially, a room within a room.

White Room Key Points

  • Packaging of USP-approved pharmaceutical products
  • Packaging of FDA-approved food grade products
  • A system dedicated exclusively to USP and FDA products
  • Eliminating crossover contamination
  • Designed to fill a variety of container sizes

The The White Room is a distinctly separate area of Interstate Chemical Company's Facility and symbolizes a sanitary and rigidly controlled environment.

Dedicated fluid flow lines, dry and purified air, no pump usage, and specified procedures protect the integrity of the product during all stages of packaging (Never is the product touched by human hand).

Interstate Chemical Company's commitment to quality assures that the packaged pharmaceutical or food grade product is as pure coming out of The White Room as it was going in.

Packaging procedures designed to maintain product integrity.  Where purity of environment assures purity of product.

How the White Room Protects the Integrity of FDA and USP Products in the Packaging Process!             

White Room - Container Packaging

White Room - Drum Filling


USP-approved pharmaceutical products and FDA-approved food grade products require specialized handling in the packaging process.  The White Room is dedicated to the performance of all these specialized needs, utilizing advanced packaging technology.  Interstate Chemical is constantly researching, developing, monitoring, and refining packaging techniques.  Our facility and laboratory operates 24 hours a day.


A Dedicated System

At the point of entry from a particular storage system to finished packaging, a totally non-reactive flexible hose protects the integrity of the product through an electronically-controlled flow system.  In combination with the flexible hose, only stainless steel piping is utilized.


Diversity of Product Entry

Design flexibility permits The White Room to accept delivery of product directly from tank truck or storage tanks, without duplicate handling.  As a result, packaging prices are maintained at an extremely cost-effective level.


Avoidance of Crossover Contamination

From beginning to end, the maintenance of a contamination free environment is mandatory.  Pharmaceutical and Food Grade products must be protected from odors, particulate and pollutants.  To avoid these possibilities, Interstate Chemical places strict safeguards at every step of the packaging process.


Quality-Controlled Storage Area

While awaiting shipment, your containers are stored and maintained in a quality-controlled area specifically designed for this purpose.


Responsible Distribution Process

Interstate Chemical Company maintains the highest standards dedicated to Quality.  All White Room personnel are trained technicians.  By providing sanitary conditions in a controlled environment, the company ensures product quality and integrity that maintains FDA and USP Certification throughout the process.  In house laboratory services are available for product testing whenever necessary.


Interstate Chemical Company is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), and follows the Responsible Distribution Process (RDP).  Interstate Chemical is approved by Underwriters Laboratory on documentation verification.


  • Adherence to specifications set forth in the "Food Chemicals Codex"

  • Kosher approval of various packages, products, and processes

  • White Room Products:  A variety of products are currently being handled, and Interstate Chemical will review any and all potential products


Packaging procedures designed to maintain product integrity. Where purity of environment assures purity of product.


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