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Supply-chain management is the integration of activities that occur from the point of placement of orders to delivery of products and/or services to customers.

As a chemical distributor, Interstate Chemical Company understands the critical role of  transportation in developing a successful supply-chain management strategy.  By owning and operating its own fleet of tractor and trailers, Interstate Chemical Company is able to provide just-in-time delivery and value-added flexibility often required  by customers.

The company's diversified fleet of tractor-trailer types is the link that connects the partnership between suppliers and customers.  Its fleet of equipment consists of variations in truck styles that include day-cabs, tri-axles, and power units with sleepers. In addition, trailer types vary among van boxes and cargo tankers. These trailers are suited for temperature-sensitive chemicals. Types of cargo tankers also vary in size, compartmental options, insulation, linings, and types of construction material (aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel) suited for the product during transportation.

Interstate Chemical takes pride in the professionalism of its drivers.  A strict, selection criteria has been established.  Newly hired drivers must complete an orientation session that includes in-cab training with a qualified driver-instructor, defensive driving techniques, DOT hazardous material training, emergency response procedures and general safety procedures. Continuous driver monitoring, evaluating, and training is conducted throughout the driver's employment at Interstate Chemical. 

Drivers Award Presentation Drivers are also required to attend quarterly safety meetings.  Interstate Chemical Company recognizes driver safety and outstanding performance by presenting annual awards and bonuses. Drivers Award Presentation
Drivers' Annual Awards Presentation Drivers Awards Presentation
Drivers Awards Presentation Drivers Awards Presentation

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