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RDP - Emergency Response & Public Preparedness

As a responsible chemical distributor, Interstate Chemical Company is aware of the importance of a well-managed emergency response system. In the event of an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster or chemical release, the company has taken the precaution to ensure that each facility has a program established to provide rapid and effective response.

Efforts to comply with this code of management practice include:

Mock Drill - Boom Deployment

Mock Drill - Emergency Response Waterfront Terminal
  • Participation in mock spill response drills and tabletop emergency response exercises at the company's barge terminal facilities in Pennsylvania. Coordinated with the Three Rivers Pollution Council, PA Department of Environmental Protection, LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee), PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Mock Drill - Preparing for Boom Deployment

Mock Drill - Boom Deployment
  • Integrated Contingency Plans that address the preparation and response to emergencies.

  • Employee training on emergency response and evacuation procedures.

  • Active membership with local emergency planning committees.

  • Contracts with local certified HAZMAT teams.

  • Contract agreement with CHEMTREC’s 24-hour emergency response center.

  • Involvement with local fire departments and emergency response centers, including routine on-site visits.

  • Incident investigation reports that assist in the analysis of root causes to help eliminate future incidents.


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